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When I have exams, I always find an interest to focus on so that I can take a break from my studies and let my mind have a rest. One year it was folding stars for a friends birthday present, another year, it was reading The Empress of Ice Cream . This time round, it was watching Fated to Love You (2008), a Taiwanese drama starring Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan as Chen Xin Yi (陳欣怡) and Ji Cun Xi (紀存希) respectively.

I won’t describe the plot, as thousands of others have done so already, so I’ll just give my thoughts on it.


It is highly addictive. It starts off fairly predictably, but once Xin Yi falls pregnant, it starts to venture into new territory. It certainly tore at my heartstrings, so I would advise all watchers to be prepared with a box of tissues. I loved Cun Xi’s cheeky smile, his antics and his sweet gestures, but he could also be so cruel sometimes. Overall, I loved the story, but I felt the ending was terrible! It was cliched (not to mention unbelievable) to have the 3 sisters giving birth at once, with Cun Xi acting as the midwife throughout the proceedings. I felt that the screen writer could have put a little more thought to it.

I give this drama 8/10.

A few years ago, I was an avid drama watcher. However, I stopped two years ago, as I felt that story lines were becoming old, and even when I watched dramas recommended by other reviewers, I found them tedious. After watching “Fated to Love You”, I developed an interest in watching dramas once more.

The next drama I watched was Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) . It was confusing at first – I had to read the drama synopsis for the first few episodes to understand whether Sun Joon knew Yoon Hee was a girl and what the whole fuss about the geum-deung-jisa (golden scroll). By the end, it was a joy to watch to camaraderie between the actors. The script is intelligent, inspiring and comical at the right times. This is not difficult for me to say, as I am partial to period dramas, and also to scripts which weave ancient principles into the script to make to understandable to modern day viewers. I am keen on the use of intellect and loyalty to defeat enemies.
The icing on the cake is the OST for the drama – Found You, sung by JYJ. Mindless, I know, but irresistibly catchy!

I give this drama 9/10. I have not given full points, as I found that it drags on in some places.

Here it is the OST – “Found You” by JYJ. Video courtesy of this user .