Despite loving all things dessert, I never really liked the American style cheesecake. I found it too filling, too thick and creamy and I didn’t like the sourness. It was like really rich yogurt. However, having tried the Japanese style many years ago, I was an instant convert and I don’t know why it has taken this long to try and make it myself. The first time I made it was with a couple of friends and we divided it by four. I usually don’t make the same recipe more than once, but the cake was such a delight I made it again on the following weekend to bring to a friend’s house. So on the third consecutive weekend, I was resolute that I will make one just for myself – there was no chance I was sharing this one! That is how good this cheesecake is. Because it is so light and and fluffy, it doesn’t take much effort to consume it all in one go.

The recipe that I used was from Christine’s recipes. I used this one because it seemed like the simplest and I found her tips extremely useful. I think that the most important point is to make sure the water bath is topped up with water, so the cake is cooked with gentle heat. If you bake it without the water bath, you will find that the cheesecake becomes gummy. Another point to note is to cool the cake down in the oven by leaving the door slightly ajar for 10 minutes before fully removing the cake from the oven.

This is her recipe.