So I hear you thinking – why am I showing you these boring pieces of flat bread? Don’t be fooled – these tortillas are bursting with flavour. They have come about from me always looking out for quick items I can take to work for breakfast, because I can be fussy in some many ways and this is one of them. I heartily dislike (someone told me never to use the word hate) having cereal and toast for breakfast – which does not leave me with many options.

So I thought of this when I was looking at the supermarket catalogue. Why not tortilla, cheese and hotsauce? Cheesy tortillas is good with soup, but by itself, it can be a little plain, so why not add hotsauce? Oh, I admit it, I know that eating a spicy tortilla at 8am in the morning is not everyone’s idea of breakfast but this is so delicious you may wish to rethink that. Your coworkers may be looking at you strangely as you hold on to your tortilla, but you’ll know you are getting carbs, calcium, protein and eh….capsaicin (found in chilli) – just what you need to start the day. Another great thing is, no washing is needed, as it is all made on the sandwich press. If you really can’t stomach it, they are great for after school, after work, with drinks and anytime you are feeling peckish.

Cheesy Hotsauce Tortilla

2 tortillas
half slice of tasty cheese
A few dashes of hotsauce

1. Turn on sandwich press. Place one tortilla on hotplate (bumpy side down).
2. Break cheese into small pieces and spread evenly on the tortilla. Splash with a few drops of hotsauce and cover with second tortilla.
3. Heat for 2-3 minutes until cheese is melted. I like my tortilla to be limp, but if you prefer it to be more crispy, heat for 4-5 minutes.